The Essence of all Motivations

Motivations are vital in everyone’s life, a good motivation can help a person make a great difference in life.  In order to succeed in certain things, we need motivations to move us into actions.  Motivations are the basic reasons for all initiation of actions in life, and they are more important when we are depressed in failures.  However, all of these motivations come from one most important motivation, the courage.  Courage is the source of all motivations in our life; courage gives us the possibilities and decisiveness to motivate ourselves.  If a person who is broken in his whole life wants to be in the “upper class” of this society, he would would probably encounter the biggest challenges in his life.  To succeed his dream, he must be extremely motivated to attempt for all sorts of opportunities out there.  He must be brave in persuading himself to be a different person; in which case he would no longer be insecure of himself and will believe in his capability to change his life.  With his confidence and hope, life would soon have new meanings to live and work for.  But without courage, these meanings and reasons in life would be possibly generated by themselves.  When life gets harsh, we sometimes pray to the Gods to give us new hope and meanings in life.  In fact, all hope and meanings in life would always form from our absolute courage in life.  Courage is such the essence to all motivations in life.

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